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Futures in Innovation and Technology ~ Advanced GIS

This 200 hour (8 week) Certificate Progam is sponsored by the First Nations Technology Council (FNTC) in partnership with Thompson River Mapping and Nicola Valley Instute of Technology. Learners enrolled in the program have their tuition fully paid for by the Technology Council.

The program is being offered as a synchronous (live) instructor led program with the first and last weeks being taught in person in a classroom environment and weeks 2-7 being held online.

The Tech Council's programs have changed the lives of countless individuals and it is on the strength of those successes that this current program is built.

Mitch Krupp, of Thompson RIver Mapping, has worked closely with the Technology Council for many years developing GIS/GPS programs and teaching them in First Nation communities throughout BC. This current program will help lead many individuals to a rewarding career using GIS.

The map image seen here is of the Tuck Inlet area, just around the corner from Prince Rupert. It was created using ArcGIS while the program was being taught to a group of learners in the community.

For more information about this exiting program or to register visit the First Nations Technology Council's website or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.